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Charming Imperial Clubbing

Hat and wine parade and the chivalrous "Cercle diplomatique"

During the guided tour of the museums belonging to the restaurant, the Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum and the Imperial and Royal Wine Treasure Vault, visitors may - in contrast to the traditional museum fare, rather than just merely viewing antiquated objects - can also try on the treasures from the hat collection and even taste wine from the vinotheque in the wine vault - a treat for the palate, heart and soul!

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Decked out with flamboyant ladies’ hats, as well as the headgear of the distinguished gentlemen and officers from the days of the Emperor taken from the museum’s exhibits, the guests can participate in the "Old Viennese Hat Parade" and proceed by candlelight, accompanied by the strains of Ziehrer, Lanner and Strauss in a "hat & wine parade" to the wine cellar where they are entertained with wine tasting and delicious canapés and treated to the "clubbing" of former days with a kiss on the hand and "Viennese Tales" – the chivalrous "Cercle diplomatique" – now, as then, an ideal nucleus for new ideas and contacts.

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The hat parade lets the guests take a trip back to the old days of imperial Vienna Everybody takes on some role such as that of a flower girl or a baroness or "Pomfineberer" (a man paid to accompany the casket of a notable personage during the funeral march),even imperial officers and provincial lords.

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