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Charming Imperial Clubbing

Viennese culinary delights and entertaining anecdotes during the wine tasting

During "Imperial Clubbing" the curiosity and appetite of the guests are whetted with culinary facts about the wines tasted, the wine served at dinner and about the dishes prepared in accordance with old recipes in the restaurant kitchen - this cultural, historical background and tradition - is entertainingly presented with anecdotes on the culinary predilections of the Imperial Court as well as the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, along with other endearing and amusing tales from and about the Imperial Court and about Austrian personalities.

Depending on the tour programme chosen, the customs and way of life in Austria - in particular of Vienna and its surroundings - and the history of their beginnings, are included in the presentation, namely during the hat and wine parade in a relaxed atmosphere, in the two museums which are accommodated in the event restaurant.

This item on the programme may also be upgraded by booking it as an arrangement with short readings or musical performances.