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Cutting Adam's rib

An old wedding custom with a biblical origin

A lovely and virtually "biblical" custom is also the so-called "cutting Adam's rib".

Everyone is bound to be familiar with the story of Eve's creation when God created a companion for Adam out of the latter's rib so that Adam would not be so alone in paradise.

The custom of "cutting Adams rib" involves the bride symbolically giving "Adams rib", back to Adam, which was removed from Adam by God, as a wooden post sawn off together with the bridegroom - in the wine-growing areas of Austria it is a rib from a cask.

The return of "Adam's rib" takes place with a promise sealed by a kiss to build a house together, to plant a tree and to beget a son and by doing this to become "one flesh", in accordance with the biblical archetype.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch

Old wine cellar and wedding traditions have always bound the whole family together with their compelling joyfullness.

In spite of the entertainment and the fun, the guest still can appreciate the roots and the deep symbolism of the customs through group activity and participation.