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A surprise highlight or closing of the evening

As a highlight of your invitation for the beginning or a fitting end to your evening, before or after the dessert, order a small glass to raise your glasses in the wine cellar of the restaurant during an entertaining visit to the Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum and Imperial and Royal Wine Treasue Vault and their wine collection.

During the guided tour of the museums belonging to the restaurant, the Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum and the Imperial and Royal Wine Treasure Vault, visitors may - in contrast to the traditional museum fare, rather than just merely viewing antiquated objects - can also try on the treasures from the hat collection and even taste wine from the vinotheque in the wine vault - a treat for the palate, heart and soul!

You and your guests will enjoy the same style of sparkling wines that were drunk at the Imperial Court and will thus experience the sociability and the spirit of the era of the "Imperial and Royal Empire".

TeiParticipation in a museum program with less than 20 guests:

If, on the day of your visit, in museum of the Restaurant Piaristenkeller is already an event with other parties, which includes a program in the Hat Museum or in the wine cellar and therefore in this case the 200 candles on the way down to the deep barrel vault are already been lit on, a la carte guests are having the possibility to clarify a participation in a tour with the discounted price. Please ask the manager of the service or the managing director KR Emberger for an agreement. The discounted price for this private tour would be for the same package price as

up from 20 persons (per Person € 14,50 incl. VAT) possible. 

Special private tours up from 2 guests

 to the 300 years old wine cellar:

für Tischrunden ist eine Privatführung auf Anfrage beim Restaurantleiter möglich.

Preis einer Privatführung ab 4 Personen
pro Person € 18,00 inkl. MwSt.

Inkl. 1 Glas "Sisi-Perle" 9 cl serviert in einer Sektflöte
(Österr. Schaumwein versetzt mit Wachauer "Weinbergpfirsichen")

Champagner - Führung:

Preis einer Privatführung ab 2 Personen
Inkl. 1 Glas Champagner mit kleiner privaten Fotosession bei der Hutparade
pro Person € 25,00 inkl. MwSt.

Nur Hut-Selfie an der Garderobe des Museums ohne Führung:
Ab 2 Personen ist eine Privatführung auf Anfrage beim Restaurantleiter möglich.

Preis für Hutprobe mit Selfie ohne Getränkekonsumation
pro Person € 7,50 inkl. MwSt.

Bei diesem Besuch der Hut-Garderobe haben Sie auch die Möglichkeit sich die Illustrationen der historischen Träger der Kopfbedeckung aus der Kaiserzeit anzusehen und 2-3 Hüte an der Garderobe zu probieren und ein Selfie für Ihre Freunde mitzunehmen.

Prices and services are subject to change without notice. The above prices are inclusive of tax. Only written agreements become binding. Version 01.09.19