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Programa cultural e Event- Highlights imperials para formações individuals

Adicionalmente, são oferecidos programas de actividades mais exigentes, como chegadas românticas, acolhimento solene, concertos de órgão na basílica, distracção e divertimento na adega, bem como a organização de reportagens e ilustrações do maravilhoso espectáculo.

Jantar & Pacote de acontecimentos para una área de 1000m2 - eventos extravagantes no museu do chapéu e na cave dos vinhos

Na mais bonita cave conventual de Viena, terá a oportunidade de se deliciar com uma ementa de especialidades do restaurante e - à chegada ou à partida – fazer uma visita aos museus do restaurante – o Museu do Chapéu „Imperador Francisco José“ e a Caixa-forte dos Vinhos K.u.K. – para ser surpreendido com uma viagem de descobertas à famosa época imperial austríaca de Suas Magestades Francisco José I e sua esposa „Sissi“.

Especialmente junto da chamada „montra de antigos chapéus de Viena“ – um programa excepcional para visitas guiadas – o visitante entra no espírito e nobreza dos „bons velhos tempos“ de Viena, uma vez que com o „corso do chapéu e do vinho“, o visitante se sente num „Cercle diplomatique“, enquanto prova o vinho e saboreia os apetitosos petiscos, encontrando-se de corpo e alma envolvido no „imperioso“ charme da Viena do século XIX.

São oferecidos pacotes especiais de „jantar & espectáculo“, com diferentes tipos de serviço e categorias de preços, de 20 a 300 pessoas.

Aceitam-se também pré-reservas individuais para menos de 20 pessoas.

Pequeno mas agradável- para ocasiões provadas e de negórios

Também nos convites para pequenos festejos ou almoços/jantares de negócios, organização de eventos, coloca ao dispôr numa série de surpresas, com a possibilidade de serem individualizadas e um acompanhamento VIP, como no caso dos grandes eventos.


Large parties & everything in one place

It is no easy task to find a prestigious and congenial venue in Vienna – especially for large groups of up to 400 people. This is particularly true if the organizer

  • is looking on one hand for a suitable restaurant capacity with a typically Viennese atmosphere, and
  • on the other also wants to be able to prepare an event with various different cultural highlights and entertainment programmes.
  • At the Piaristenkeller Restaurant you will find everything in one place – from classical concerts in the baroque basilica to clubbing in the museum of 300-year-old wine cellars. A dinner with unforgettable opportunities for surprising one's guests during a farewell party at the end of a stay in Vienna.

On request, Deutschmeister Schützenkorps receives the event guests of place at the entrance of the restaurant with salute and sounding game and the arrival an imposing cannon on the Josefstadt shot.

A reception on the square by the Piarist Church, with welcome drinks and appetisers as a prelude to a concert in the baroque basilica followed by dinner in the Piaristenkeller Restaurant. With the additional capacity of the refectory or the theatre auditorium of the monastery, the restaurant can cater for up to 400 guests.

In this unique monastery vault not only representative Viennese cuisine and an atmospheric ambience is offered; the attraction in Piaristenkeller is the design of a dinner with a wine tasting and a visit to the Emperor Franz Joseph Hat Museum in 300-year-old wine cellar of the monastery vault at the start of the evening. This is unique in Vienna!

The Piaristenkeller offers for Event organizers All in one place.

Cultural programs and K.u.K. Event Highlights for individual Design

For individual configuration of the package offers for large parties demanding event programs such as romantic Transportation Options, imposing upon arrival, Classical private concerts in the baroque basilicaEntertainment & Fun in the 300-year-old wine cellar, Extravagant Gifts are - ideas from the wine treasury of the house as well as reports to the charming spectacle indivuduell compiled - and offered as highlights for the event, so that your event is a unique and versatile experience is and forever will be remembered.

Romantic pick-up service by horse-drawn carriage

Event with wine tasting and entertainment in the wine cellars:

A convivial cellar party with ancient cellaring customs offers fun and entertainment for everyone at the beginning or end of a successful event. Even with very large groups, each individual becomes actively involved, enabling everybody to experience for themselves the nostalgia of the good old days.

This entertainment programme can be booked as a package that can be combined with a wine tasting and appetisers or with a glass of sparkling wine at the end of the evening. If desired, it is also available with a pageant of hats.

During the course of this programme, organizers are also offered an opportunity to congratulate, pay tribute to or address members of the group in privacy away from the other restaurant guests.

For example, this location offers organizers wishing to arrange cultural supporting programmes exciting possibilities for arranging an evening with a private concert of classical music in the baroque basilica. The musical performances are can be booked with different line-ups, such as a string quartet, organ with soprano, or large choir and orchestra. You can even book a concert with the original Vienna Boys' Choir as a perfect surprise for the discerning tour organizer. This particularly appropriate, as the Vienna Boys' Choir was housed within the walls of this monastery for the first 30 years of its existence.

Music Memorial: During the last 300 years, the monastery church of the Piarist played a crucial role in the musical life of Vienna. Even Mozart, Haydn, Schubert and Bruckner have himself played in this House and premiered major works and Anton Bruckner completed his organ examination in this basilica.