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K.u.K. Restaurant Piaristenkeller
Vienna Josephstadt


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Piarist Church and Piaristenkeller

Location and tradition of the church for the wedding ceremony and the venue
Standard of the formal meal, cuisine and entertainment
Flair and seating capacity of the locality with festive rooms
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Here you will find all in one
and all this directly next to the magnificently refurbished church "Maria Treu" for the wedding ceremony belonging to the Piarist monastery. Here you will find one of the loveliest baroque churches in Vienna. It was on 16th January 1700 that the first wedding ceremony was performed in this church and this marked the beginning of the pastoral work of the Piarists in the Josefstadt.

Since then, more than a million wedding guests have become familiar with this historic location in the heart of Vienna in the immediate vicinity of the monumental buildings on the Ring Strasse.

You will encounter the flair of these 300-years old monastery vaults
when you experience the level of catering which specialises in weddings and which is able to meet the needs of the traditional image with its festive offerings for the palate, heart and soul along with the entertaining highlights combining in the latest all-inclusive wedding arrangements.

Situated within an area of 1,000 m² dedicated to functions, is a magnificent restaurant garden for the agape, on the impressive baroque square in front of the basilica, an impressive location next to the prestigious restaurant for your wedding banquet, with exquisite restaurant cuisine. Above all, the antiquated equipment for "eve-of the-wedding parties" found in the vast barrel vault in the wine cellar, together with the hat and wine museum in the same building make an ideal venue for wedding customs.

Memories are the only paradise from which we cannot be expelled
Irrespective of how you organise the wedding, the formal meal is a highlight - and an arrangement with wonderful moments, wedding customs and special attention to details can create unforgettable memories. Wedding couples usually have needs which go beyond those mentioned above and are particularly anxious to surprise their guests by arranging their wedding reception and the formal meal in such a way that they provide unique moments of lasting sentimental value.

To meet these expectations and requirements, the monastery cellar - whose charm largely lies in its enduring romanticism of the type that can only grow over the centuries - has put together a variety of "all-inclusive wedding arrangements" based on its long experience and recent trends (for parties of 20 to 150). This is unique in Vienna and is, above all, of lasting sentimental value with its organised wedding customs and offers wonderful moments which make the wedding an unforgettable experience even for the fussiest guest. 

Photo Wedding Functions
Photo Wedding Functions
Photo Wedding Functions
Photo Wedding Functions
Photo Wedding Functions
Photo Wedding Functions